Ghost Girl

  I thought I would have a bit of a play with this one because I skimped a bit the first time round! I even managed to paint a reasonable background,but I think I flooked it!
  I might re-insert this into the last picture ,but I think I might re-do blokey as well.

Why I Oughta!

God knows what this is all about!
Here's the colour one also.( Its a previous version.)

Cowboys and Zombies....


 No, its not the sequel to Cowboys and Aliens ,but I wouldnt be surprised!
Edit:  I went in for a close up on this.I had to do a few tweeks to improve it a bit because I didnt design it to be shot so close.I dont think I could get any closer without the polys starting to become visible.I much prefer the B and W!

Hairy Wolfman

  I spent a bit more time on this to get a close up. He's got a few more hairs now. But I think they look a bit too soft, maybe they should be a bit more wiry....or maybe its time to leave this alone....... Because it's Zombie Time!!! ( maybe....)

I used to be a Werewolf.....but I'm alright nowooooooo!

Here is another "monster" for the collection. I went "around the houses" to do this one...Hexagon, Carrara, Meshmixer, Sculptris...maybe I should just learn ZBrush?

More Wolverton

Here is another work based on a Basil Wolverton design from Mad Magazine.
  I mainly did it to test out the new version of Sculptris thats just been released over at Pixologic.I wanted to get him done and dusted in a day, but it got a bit out of hand...
 If theres any Wolverton fans out there check out Colin Batty in my Links ( Freakybuttrue), he does them brilliantly the old fashioned way.....with a real paint brush...

Messing with my head.

This is one of my favourite movie monsters, designed by Rob Bottin. Sculpted with Sculptris and rendered with Carrara Pro.

A one way ticket to The Twilight Zone......

Im sure I saw something on the wing?

Oh heck....whats he doing now?


Ive tried to put a bit more effort into the render to finish this one off.

Another Comic

Here is another "fake" comic.The "Selenite" was one I made earlier! It sort of puts it to bed so to speak.The cover describes exactly what it is.

Comic Cover

I thought this pic had the feel of those horror comics you used to get when you were a kid!( whaddya mean, you still get them?)
  So I had a go...It made me realise I dont know how to operate Photoshop!

Brain Bat from Venus...yes really!

Heres a real quicky, more of a doodle.The models awful,the rigs rubbish...but its fun!
Just re-aqainting myself with "Sculptris" as they are about to release a new version very soon.
Its based on an old comic strip drawn by Basil Wolverton.( Google, Brain Bats from Venus)

Spot the difference...I tried some fake subsurface scattering on this one,and added a bit of red to the hatch.And completely removed the ambient light.I dont know if its better or what.That is the biggest problem I find with cg stuff,you can tweak forever.Or maybe that isnt a problem.
Here is the comic.

New Lights

Ive been trying out a new set of light rigs by Tim Payne....really good!

More Mime

Beautiful Girl

I thought I would have another go at re-lighting this one I did from a while back.I  did a few alterations also.


Ive had a plasticene maquette of this knocking about for ages , so I decided to have a go at making him. The rig is not very good so Im not sure if he will be animated....maybe I will just do a turnaround.


                                    Designed  Justin Exley


            Modelled and rendered in Carrara Pro.

Little Cotton Socks

This is Little Cotton Socks,designed by a friend of mine,Lucy Brown.Built and rendered in Carrara Pro.

Old Stuff

Ive not posted enything in a while so here are some plasticene sculpts from "Max and Co" and "Fantastic Mr Fox"( the last one is 3D)