Cowboys and Zombies....


 No, its not the sequel to Cowboys and Aliens ,but I wouldnt be surprised!
Edit:  I went in for a close up on this.I had to do a few tweeks to improve it a bit because I didnt design it to be shot so close.I dont think I could get any closer without the polys starting to become visible.I much prefer the B and W!


Ben Whitehouse said...

Ooooh that's fantastic Stu!

Shawn Driscoll said...

Both are great renders!

Marcelo said...

Very cool one! Carrara render??

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys,your comments are appreciated! Yes rendered in always.I did the B+W one as an afterthought...but now I think I really like it!I had a request for a tutorial from Holly over on the Carrara forum.So I am considering doing a simple walk thru of my method and thought processes.It might inspire someone considering the software is basically free!

BlackCubes said...

Hey Man, This is a great blog. I will bookmark this immediately and check this always. Inspirational. Thumbs Up. :)

Antara Designs said...

I love your work!

Amazing, as usual. The details in geometry and textures are just amazing, and I love the shading here.

As usual, I have a ton of questions (which might already be answered if you have already created the walk through):
-- How much time a project like that usually takes you.
-- Did you sculpt it posed, or did you rig it too?
-- Is the rolled up blanket (and the hat) shaded with some velvet simulation (if so, which one?) or is it hair? Or just bump and good use of lighting?
-- Are the purple shadows in the vest folds painted on the texture or is it some shader magic?

Very impressive all around.

Anonymous said...

Thanks as always Antara.T think you give me too much credit for being clever.Im still hoping to do a simple walk through so I will keep you on the edge of your seat!Simple answers are.
1. One to two weeks.
2.Both(?) All will become clear soon....maybe!
3. Hair and bump.
4.vest is painted and haired.
Ive been putting off the walkthru until somebody mentioned it again.....I knew it would be you!Im not sure how to do it, maybe I will just append this post as and when I can.
Oh yes ,I apologise for posting as Anonymous,when I try to post as me ,I get sent into an infinate feedback loop by Google!!!

stu sutcliffe said...

Test post as me! Posting as yourself seems to be a common problem with Blogger.Ive read if you "Uncheck" the "remember me" box, it works?