More Wolverton

Here is another work based on a Basil Wolverton design from Mad Magazine.
  I mainly did it to test out the new version of Sculptris thats just been released over at Pixologic.I wanted to get him done and dusted in a day, but it got a bit out of hand...
 If theres any Wolverton fans out there check out Colin Batty in my Links ( Freakybuttrue), he does them brilliantly the old fashioned way.....with a real paint brush...


Diego Agasso said...

Great job as always.
The black and white render has something
retro film that gives a special touch.
Certainly the new sculptris rocks.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Diego!

Antara Designs said...

Wow! Amazing work! (Nothing new or surprising there, but I am once again awed by it.)

I have a ton of questions, though:
I'm guessing the fur is Carrara dynamic hair, right?
Did you create the skin texture in the mesh inside Sculptris? Is it bump? Is it normal maps? is it displacement? Was it painted in Sculptris and then loaded into materials in Carrara? I'd love to know more about your full Sculptris<->Carrara workflow. Did you ever write about it anywhere (here or on some forums or some articles?)?

Sorry for so many questions...

Anonymous said...

Hi Antara,Only just saw your comment!
Yes ,Carrara Hair.
1.I usually rough out a shape in Hex or carrara.
2.Import into Sculptris and sculpt all the big shapes and wrinkles.Then paint colours and apply skin textures by painting bump map.
3.Import ino Carrara the OBJ,tex map and bump.
4,Apply hair,light and render.
I never touch normal maps or displacements.But you have to be careful of the OBJ size.I think carrara managed to deal with about 750,000 poly ok ish but I try and stay around the 250k to 500k mark.And dont forget if you are doing a still image,you dont need to work on the bits you are never going to see.
I hope that helps,ask any questions you like, but I find the comments part of Blogger a bit cumbersome and I dont get any notification.( perhaps I have something switched off?) I think you frequent the Daz Carrara forum dont you? You could always PM me there and I could give you my Email. stu