A picture with a Christmassy theme.


Alien Cartoon Character.Based on a plasticene maquette.

Cow and Horse

Two characters for Mackinnon and Saunders,designed by Ian Culbard.
Sculpted in plasticene and painted with emulsion paint!

Fifi and the Flowertots

A character from Fifi and the Flowertots.

Rupert Bear

Here are two characters I sculpted for Cosgrove Hall Films recent series of Rupert Bear. Sculpted in Plasticene.


Max and Co

Three characters from Max and Co,loosley based on The Rolling Stones( see below for Mick in 3D.)

Max and Co

A character from the film Max and Co.


Sculpted in Plasticene and cast in polyester resin.

Van Dort

This is another character from "The Corpse Bride", I sculpted the head.I was just one of a team that worked on him.

Coming at Ya!

Here's a character i worked on from "The Corpse Bride" You will need some Red(left eye)Blue (right eye) glasses!


This is Ozzymodo,i did this for my friend "Popmash" ,visit him at and have a chuckle!

Put Your Red/Blue Glasses On Now !

This character is a sort of Goat/Jagger hybrid i sculpted for a film called "Max and Co" (

More Dog

Here is a nice big picture of "Dog"

Forties Clown

This is a character i designed a few years ago.Ive just figured out how to do a "Bloom" effect, so now im addicted to the technique, im quite pleased with the "Forties " look this has!