Riddle Me This....

2nd go at this one! 


What else is there to say?

Damn That Atomic Plant!

Another monster from a movie....

Think Me Fair?.....

Another of my favourite movie monsters!
Edited,to add a rework,the top pose felt a bit upright.So I gave her some "bones" and managed to pose her slightly,but there is a bit of distortion so I couldn't bend her too much!


  Here are a couple of "claymation" puppets I constructed over a year ago now! The trailer they were for is now online, so I guess it is ok to show them here...without being told off! Here is the trailer, animated by Johnny Schumann and Flickerpix over in Holywood in Ireland  Click Here .

Cyborg G-Man Versus Alternate Universe Nazi Scientist !

.....well...what would you call it?
  This was far too complicated for a simple soul like me! I was pulling my hair out from start to finish!!
  I was going to put some lab equipment in there somewhere, but Im sick of looking at it for now....maybe after a rest!


This has turned out better than I could have hoped!I even managed to do a bit off sub-surface scattering. I dont know if I went the right way about it but its ok'ish.


I will call this finished for now.I'm still trying to figure out layered rendering and Alpha masks and boring stuff like that! It seems the more elements you have the more things can wrong. I am in danger of becoming obsessed,which is a thing I try not to do.....

I've Got To Hand It To You!

 I was having a bad hair day on this,so I will call it a day.....