Dragon V Cyclops

The 7th Voyage of Sinbad.


Possibly from that dreaded Planet Of The Apes...

Sugar Skull

I quite like them there "Day Of The Dead" make-ups, so I ..er  resurrected my "Bride" model and gave her a fresh coat of paint!


Homage to Mr H...


I nearly abandoned Mr Batty because I couldnt get the likeness.Still away to go I feel,but you can get the general idea of it.


Scarecrow fun... ( 3DCoat...Carrara 8.1 Pro...ArtRage 4)


Final octo-squid creature.

Metaluna Mutant.....Again

Just playing around with lighting at the moment.Thought this looked OK!

More Meg

I thought I would put this one through "ArtRage" and fiddle with the background and give it a canvasy sort of texture.

More "Thing" Fun!.....

    This was inspired by a "The Thing" storyboard by Mike Ploog.

    The Storyboard.

Old Photograph

A bit of photomanipulation....

The Bride Rises Again

I thought I would have a another go at this one.With added knowledge, ArtRage and Photoshop.....

No One Would Have Believed......

Two versions of War Of The Worlds, movie and book.

More Creature

I thought I would have another go at this one,the composition of the first render ( down the blog a bit...) was terrible.

You May Fire When Ready

Peter Cushing would have been 100 years old this year!