Brain Bat from Venus...yes really!

Heres a real quicky, more of a doodle.The models awful,the rigs rubbish...but its fun!
Just re-aqainting myself with "Sculptris" as they are about to release a new version very soon.
Its based on an old comic strip drawn by Basil Wolverton.( Google, Brain Bats from Venus)

Spot the difference...I tried some fake subsurface scattering on this one,and added a bit of red to the hatch.And completely removed the ambient light.I dont know if its better or what.That is the biggest problem I find with cg stuff,you can tweak forever.Or maybe that isnt a problem.
Here is the comic.


David Collins said...

I like the second one myself. The changes add a bit more depth and some slightly more intense reds to the character. Gotta love those brain bats.

stu sutcliffe said...

Thanks for the comment David.Maybe I will try some real SSS and see what that does.

David Collins said...

Real SSS is always hit or miss for me. Be interesting to see how it turns out.